eCommerce in Spain 2013 [Study]

44% of Spanish Internet users between 16 and 55 states that they shop online on a regular basis, being the price the driver of the purchase, as is clear from the results of the First Annual Survey of eCommerce in Spain, developed by Elogia and IAB Spain and sponsored by Correos.

The most traditional categories on eCommerce are tickets for transport and leisure that are kept with a very high penetration among buyers, but other categories begin to emerge as fashion and technology. The average online buyer claims to have bought 5 different product categories in the last year.

Depending on the categories purchased, identifies four types of online shoppers very different from each other:

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Cross Device Optimization Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics team recently launched Universal Analytics, a new way to measure user interactions across any device, platform and environment. By measuring this data, business can better optimize their products. In the following video the Google Analytics Developer team will discuss about how to measure beyond the web and app, how to optimize experiences across devices and tying all together with how to measure online and offline experiences together, all using Google Analytics.

Measuring User Interaction

In order to track web and apps, Google Analytics had to port their code into the SDK of iOS and Android devices. But, that’s very complex to do and Google wants to measure every device no matter what system they use. That’s why they rewrote completely the infrastructure for collection of data. And released the measurement protocol.

This protocol is an easy wat to send data to GA from any devices. Now, business can measure interactions from everything connected to the internet and with a user interface. Like game consoles, TVs, point of sale systems (CRMs), etc.

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Maximizing Profit and Improving your Pricing Strategy with A/B and Multivariate Testing

Maximizing profit and improving price strategy

Fabio, co-founder of Senkai Labs, talks about how to maximize profit and improve pricing strategy with testing. Here is the summary of his post:

If we don’t have a CRM backing up the pricing strategy and generating some kind of pricing insight, we can actually use user testing tools (A/B and multivariable) to find out the right price range yelding the highest revenue per clic (RPC), thus helping us to maximize our ROI and online advertisement spending.

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