What’s the Effectiveness of a GDN Blast?

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GDN Blast

First of all.. ¿What is GDN Blast?

Google Display Network Blast allows to use all the possibilities of the network content (categories, location, …) by aiming to achieve maximum coverage (100 million impressions) in a short period of time (24 – 48 hours).

Think of this as the Google equivalent of buying all the ad time slots from the local networks, or perhaps it’s the Google equivalent of putting a campaign sign in every yard in the city.

So What? What’s the real Effectiveness of a GDN Blast?

Well, Spanair was the first spanish airline to do a “Blast” in Spain in 2010 reaching about:

  • 80 million impressions reached in less than one day (17 hours)
  • More than 50,000 sites showed the creativity of Spanair
  • More than 40,000 direct visits to the microsite

Spanair wanted to promote the program Star Spanair, with a strategy of 360° and with the goal of maximizing their reach and coverage. This campaign turned on the concept that the passengers and users could create their own affiliate program.

The goal was successfully completed by generating a high volume of traffic to the “space of ideas” microsite, distributing the message of “co-creation” on hundreds of niche sites and all, in less than 24 hours

Do you want to know more about Google Blast?

Ok, let’s ask to ourselves a few questions:

  • Should an advertiser trying to reach television fans use a traditional portal takeover or a Blast?
    A study from Google and Compete found that GDN reaches over 4x more Television fans than Yahoo’s homepage ad and over 50% of TV fans can be reached by the GDN–but not by any portal.

  • Should an advertiser trying to reach video game fans use a traditional portal takeover or a Blast?
    Another study says there is a 76% of gamers visit that the GDN every day, versus 17% visiting Yahoo.com. And GDN exclusively reaches over half the gamers who don’t visit the top-performing portal.

  • Should an advertiser trying to reach movie fans use a traditional portal takeover or a Blast?
    Finally, another, yes another, study from the guys in Googleplex and Compete, found that 74% of movie fans can be reached through the Google Display Network. A Half of movie fans can be reached exclusively through the GDN, and not through traditional portals.

There is a few more studies demostrating the relative value of the GDN Blast in reaching: Beauty (PDF), Moms (PDF), Tech (PDF) enthusiasts compared to Homepage Takeovers across various industries.

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