How to: Hurt and Help Your Brand

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Branding is critical to the success of any business. Your offline business is not just a logo, right? Your brand is an intangible asset. It is the feeling that evokes when someone hears your name, when someone think of a product category or a specific product. With this post I just want to give you advice on important and very common issues that affect your brand. So, this post is not a guide itself, because your business is yours after all.. and best practices do not always work for everybody.

Can Bad SEO hurt your brand perception?
Yes, Authority Labs explains by a personal experience how a bad SEO, horrified the first impressions that are previous to visiting the real store.

Can Social Media hurt your brand reputation?
It’s every social media manager’s dream to boost their brand’s reach overnight, but few social media campaigns can deliver those results. If it’s not your brand, could it be your message? In fact, could you unknowingly be alienating your audience on Facebook or Twitter?

Can Reader Apps hurt your brand recognition?
It can, but it can actually be a good thing. Readers like Readability or Instapaper are scrappers that only show the text from articles/posts, so it can be read on different devices like your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Rand Fishking, CEO of SEOmoz, and Rich Ziade, creator of Readability, discuss about this topic on ZurbBlog.

Can Advertising hurt your brand?
Ad placement, contextually matched ads and behavior targeting can get your brand in a really creepy situations, like the image below.
Can Advertising hurt your brand?

Is Remarketing Hurting Your Brand? Mackenzie Cockram, on Vertical Leap blog, talks about Frequency Capping of Google Adwords, a method of limiting the number of times an individual will be shown an advert which can be set at a daily, weekly or monthly limit on either a campaign, adgroup or advert level.

What about Mobile Display? As Michael Myers, marketing geek, says on his personal blog:

Of course it can! Let’s face facts. No one actually looks for ads. No one. Most quality ads are a happy accident. “Delight and surprise” as they say. The only reason ads are still used is their low cost but with a whopping 1.21% CTR on mobile display ads, you have to wonder if it isn’t people in the advertising business clicking through, just to see how someone else’s ad looks.

Can Affiliate Marketing hurt your brand?
The fact is that while affiliate marketing can make you good money at times, it can also succeed in hurting or even destroying your brand. How? Well, affiliate marketers may say anything to make a sale, expose your image to awful sites and they do not have direct conversation with the customers.

Can Employees help and hurt your brand image?
Yes, the visible manifestation of any company is from the email with the receipt to the delivery driver. As receptionist can have a significant impact on company image, the delivery man and all the communication have a tremendous impact to the brand. Also, Kerry Jones on BlueGlass shares 8 ways employees can improve your company’s LinkedIn presence:

Being #1 can hurt your brand?
Striving to be number one in sales or volume might be an appropriate goal for some brands or products like movies, hamburgers, books, computers, etc. But not for luxury products or services, where the value proposition is about prestige, exclusivity, and cachet. A Fast Company article by Mike Hoban reasons about this topic.

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