Objectives and KPI: Where do I start?

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Avinash Kaushik
Recently Avinash Kaushik wrote on Yahoo! Web Analytics Blog, where he told us how to raise and properly develop a site analysis. This, he said, we should forget the beginning of the data and ask what are the objectives of our website, how can indicators measure and how we can get them.

As he pointed, there are a vast majority of decisions made on faith and not data.

First of all, identify business objectives. How? by asking “Why does our website exist? Then specify goals, that goals are specific strategies required to accomplish your business objectives. Next, distinguish KPI with Google Analytics, Omniture or whatever your web analytical tool is. This KPI will help you understand how your are doing against your goals.

After that, set targets. And, by setting targets Avinash is talking about, defining indicators of success or failure. And so, with all the data, deciding the valuable segment. Understanding the people important to your business by: source, behavior and outcome. It helps focus where analysis of the data starts, what’s important to investigate first to ensure data is in service to your business rather than the other way around.

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